About SkyMall Trading
SkyMall Trading was formed in July 2013 and is based out of Mumbai, India. The company aims to continuously improve the lives of their customers by catering to their health needs and providing a solution and inspire them to get in shape and live a healthy life. With a modest and straight forward mission, we want to help our customers in their fitness journey every step of the way and every day.We strive to give to you the most dependable products that are drug-free, high quality, affordable and naturally help in body and mass building.

Our Brands
Our brands and products are made and designed in a way to suit men, women, and children, are 100% Ayurvedic with no side effects. The brands are dedicated to help everyone rebuild and recover their muscle mass. Our body building and mass building products are all protein rich supplements that contain herbal extracts that give superior results. It helps all age groups to reach their full potential and help the body to restore, rebuild and recover.