Is Bodybuilding a fad or a necessity?

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The youth of today is enamored by those who flaunt their six-pack abs, heavy muscled shoulders and thunder thighs. Dwayne Johnson, a renowned Hollywood actor has become an idol for the new generation.  At the age of 42, he has really worked hard on building his body to give a macho look and took the world of cinema by storm. And our own Bollywood actors are not behind. Sonu Sood and Hrithik Roshan have a well-built physique and ABS that makes the opposite sex go weak on their knees. So the power of body image has a lasting impression. Whether you are a college student, or an aspiring actor or just an employee of the corporate world, the body you carry does seek a lot of attention. One will wonder whether Bodybuilding a fad or a necessity ?

So what is this bodybuilding? Is it just a sport to win accolades or is it a strenuous physical activity to achieve total wellness. Should everyone resort to bodybuilding or only those with a lean and weak body perform workouts? What is the first step towards bodybuilding? Let us read further to know these answers.

What is Bodybuilding?

Body Building is not only confined to physical aspects of the body but also the intellectual capacity. If you are interested in overall benefits of the body, then bodybuilding is a must.  A well-built body attracts women and demands respect from other men. Bottom line is that our total body value depends on stronger and healthier self. No longer, a well-sculpted physique is desired by the people from fashion or entertainment industry. Even a common man cherishes a healthy body.

What Good Bodybuilding does to you?

The most prominent advantage of Body Building is that it builds core strength.  Following a regular exercise regimen and weight lifting techniques can help to burn fat and add muscles to the body.  Your physical appearance changes from lean to massive and hence attracts admiration from the opposite sex.

Secondly, lifting heavy weights will strengthen your bones and make tendons stronger and harder. This will decrease the possibility of brittle bones and fractures in the near future.

Thirdly, proper weight training enhances your posture caused by any disproportion of muscle. Hunchbacks and drooping shoulders give a bad shape to the body and bodybuilding workouts can fix the problem.

Men who suffer from low testosterone must perform activities like squats, crunches, Dumb Bell press and Bench Press. Such activities also help to increase HGH hormones essential for transformation from boy to a man.

How to Begin Bodybuilding?

The initial phase of bodybuilding is the most critical one. Without proper information and knowledge, you will not achieve the desired results or may seriously damage your health too. If you perform right, the effects will be wonderful and long-lasting.  So let us begin the workout step by step.

Stage 1- FULL BODY WORKOUT-4 weeks

The first step towards bodybuilding is to improve your general physique, prepare tendons, muscles, bones and the nervous system. The first training session should last for a month with a workout training 3 times a week.

The full body workout should have short breaks for approximately 30-60 seconds with a repetition of 15 to 20 times. This will help your body to get used to training and develop better endurance for a strenuous workout later.

Stage 2-Half Body Workout- 3 weeks

On the 1st day of this new session, concentrate on chest, biceps, triceps, and back. On the second day legs, shoulders and ABS should be developed. You can also start to lift heavier weight than stage-1. Repeat the activities 8 times with a gap of a minute. This stage also marks the beginning of building mass of the body

Stage 3- Beginners Split-8 weeks

After about 7 months, your body is now ready for the unique bodybuilding split. You have now to build muscle on each part of the body and train only once a week.

Your first area to build on will be the Chest, Biceps, and Abs.

The second area should be to concentrate on Shoulders, Legs, and Traps.

And finally, your Back, and Triceps should be targeted.

Follow the stages

Often, bodybuilding enthusiasts try to skip the first two stages and face injuries and muscle spasms later. There are no short-cuts to achieving a well-built body. Your body needs time to adapt to training and if given a sudden jump can cause more harm than benefits.

After a session of 15 weeks, your body is well adapted and you are not an amateur anymore. If you follow the workout sessions in a disciplined manner then the size, strength, and endurance will be significantly noticeable.

A healthy training session has to be supported by a nutritious diet too. So my next blog will be what diet should be followed that aids in building body.

In addition to this, it is beneficial to for a supplement like BodyBuildo.

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